Why Tofu Shirataki Noodles Are Good For You

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

These noodles have become increasingly popular in weight control programmes and fat plans, with claims of being "miracle food". We took a look at why Tofu Shirataki Noodles are so good for you, and sorted the fact from fiction.

Shirataki noodles claim to be:

  • High in fibre,
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Completely vegetarian
  • Containing no gluten
  • Versatile

They also boast the capabilities of

  • Limiting sugar uptake (good for type 2 diabetics)
  • Limits calorie uptake
  • Assisting in weight loss

Are they for real?

Well yes they are.

Tufu shirataki noodles is the brand name for a traditional Japanese noodle derived from the Konjac plant. They are made from the roots of this plant, which is ground into flour. From this flour a jelly is made, which is passed through a press where after the noodles land in hot water.

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  • Therefore there is no egg used in the process rendering it completely vegetarian.
  • Because only the flour derived of the root and water is used it is low in Carbohydrates (Sugar).
  • There is no gluten because the combination of the flour and water results in a gel-like substance.
  • The gel-like substance contains Glucomannan fibre. Which is a well know dietary fibre, used not only in diet pills but also in many brands of laxatives. This fibre absorbs moisture and limits carbohydrate uptake whilst leaving your stomach with a "full" sensation. Therefore you will eat less and feel full. And we all know that eating less and absorbing less carbohydrates results in weight loss.

But are they versatile?

Well you may not be able to make a diet shake with them, but these noodles also known as white waterfall, have endless uses to the creative cook. And although there are numerous recipes dedicated to their use, they can be used to substitute pasta in most pasta dishes (all if you like). They are available in fettuccini, spaghetti and angel hair. Allowing for the most versatility in recipes requiring those types of pasta.

Although most commonly used in soups and with white meats like chicken, pork fish and shellfish. It is important to remember that the noodles on their own have no real taste. Their main quality is to absorb and bring out the taste of the foods with which they are served. Therefore bland cooking is not suggested.

DO NOT cook them with raw meat, as they tend to toughen the meat. Should you plan to serve them with a meat dish prepare separately, adding the meat later. It is a good idea to remove the meat from its sauce and add the noodles warming them in the sauce before adding the meat and serving.

Why are they good for you? Well if your planning on loosing weight these noodles are not only high in fibre, they will add sufficient bulk to your food, letting your stomach know it has food, so you eat less. And by limiting the carbohydrate uptake, less sugar is absorbed forcing your body to break down fat(stored carbohydrates)meaning you loose weight without starving yourself.

There are countless uses for Tofu Shirataki Noodles. Their use and versatility is limited only by your ideas and creativity whilst cooking.

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

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